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Career Guide: What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

Enthusiasm for social media and basic internet navigation skills are required as well as a Meta account. This GTM strategy could include everything from internal enablement of non-technical audiences, creation of technical documentation, or participating in a user-facing webinar to demo a new product. The best PMs build a strategy for tackling these challenges before they arise.

Marketing manager skills

Market research is a collective effort to collect information related to a consumer’s needs and wants. It is a systematic approach that involves recording and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. Market research helps a business to identify a target market correctly and identify the gaps in potential consumer’s expectations. When your team is empowered to think creatively and play a role in decision-making, they will take ownership and feel more engaged in the project outcome. Here at, we firmly believe that teams do their best work when they’re autonomous and empowered to work the way they want to. Empowering your team to be honest and open with you will help them trust you and builds a stronger sense of rapport.

Marketing Manager Hard Skills

For example, you might devise the overall content marketing strategy and editorial calendar, assigning the actual creation of content to a dedicated editor. Other areas of focus could include managing the company website and social media channels, analyzing data, working to increase traffic to your website, and planning new marketing campaigns. As a digital marketing manager, you should also have an understanding of where good copy fits into the overall marketing strategy.

They are responsible for ensuring that a business’s messaging is consistent and that its image and reputation are positive. By monitoring and responding to customer feedback, marketing managers can identify opportunities for improvement and help build stronger relationships with customers. Here is a list of the key hard and soft skills required for a marketing manager job in 2023 based on our database of over 10 million real job listings.

Most Common Skills for Marketing Manager

Marketing managers also conduct market research to identify trends and consumer preferences that can inform marketing strategies. They analyze data and metrics related to sales and customer behavior to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, they manage budgets, negotiate contracts with vendors, and supervise a team of marketing professionals.

  • Most companies have websites, which means there may be a lot of information spread over hundreds (if not thousands) of pages.
  • In general, companies will look to see whether or not the candidate can overall market the company’s products.
  • The path to becoming a marketing manager is not unlike other professions that generally require a degree.
  • That’s what makes it a highly required skill that every marketer should have.
  • Marketing managers can work in many industries such as business and finance, healthcare, education, software, architecture and engineering, legal, the arts and food service.
  • Overall, most companies today are looking for individuals with strong digital marketing and social media skills.

You must be able to plan and manage projects effectively, track progress, and adjust tasks as needed. Demonstrating strong project management skills will ensure that all products are delivered on time and meet quality standards. By understanding UX best practices and processes, PMs can adopt a user-centric approach, create products that meet customer needs more effectively, and foster collaboration with the product design team. Furthermore, they will learn the complexity of design-related tasks to plan the backlog effectively.

Marketing manager vs brand manager

SEO is an evergreen marketing strategy that fits businesses of all sizes in all industries. Companies understand that very well, which is why they’re all in on boosting their rankings to attract more organic traffic. Micro-marketing is a marketing strategy that involves targeting specific or small demographics of consumers with personalized promotional messages and campaigns. Micro-marketing is an extremely targeted marketing approach, and it is the opposite of mass marketing. Conversions in marketing refer to the rate at which customers take a desired action. This may include completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, or any other desired user activity.

That explains why most job offers for marketing managers require social media marketing expertise. Cloud marketing is a subset of marketing focusing on marketing goods and sales online to specific users. Cloud marketing unites customer data with customer behavior to have ads marketed to customers that most likely fit their lifestyles and interests. There are basic soft skills that a marketing manager should possess, like creativity, critical thinking, and leadership.

What is the highest paying marketing job?

Given the number of marketing areas that require strong writing, your ability to understand messaging on both a broad and sentence level can be a huge help. Even if you don’t end up writing anything for an audience, this skill can help you contribute more constructive feedback. For marketing executives and practitioners, creative operations, IT, project and program managers, and team leaders. PMs use data and analytics for a variety of purposes, such as customer behavior analysis, A/B testing, friction points location, etc. Analyzing data enables you to make better product decisions, track key performance indicators, and measure success. “Effectively communicating the product vision, progress, and plans with stakeholders brings clarity and mitigates misunderstandings that may slow product development,» Faria says.

Marketing manager skills

A good PM possesses critical thinking, is a great leader, and has top-notch prioritization and problem-solving skills. Different companies want different things from their PMs, so the specific skills you need may vary depending on where you work. If you’re already in the workforce, consider taking a course to level up your career. You can build your technical skills by learning the basics of marketing or enhance your workplace skills with courses such as Leadership for Marketing, Intercultural Management, or Leading People and Teams.

An MBA in marketing may offer courses on supply chain management, new product development or brand management. A marketing manager should have a deep comprehension of analytics and advertising to best understand their customer base and meet their objectives. Regardless of the type of company or industry a marketing manager works within, a number of soft and hard skills are going to be transferable across many marketing roles. “While industries and audiences and topics change, your foundational marketing skills and tactics don’t,” Marvin says. Because marketing managers work for every type of company, the work environment varies widely—and you can find one that truly works for you. You’ll be able to make informed decisions or offer specific feedback to design teams.

Marketing manager skills

But as it has been exhausted by marketers, it’s only getting complicated every day. Learn to become a more strategic product manager – and have a greater impact on your company and your products… Learn how to promote your brand on Facebook, create engaging content, launch ads and increase the number of followers!

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